James Bond on Reddit

Reddit crowd-sources big screen heroes

Bond or Batman: who's the fairest of them all?

Scared or turned on? A Reddit reader put together a composite picture of all the actors having interpreted the M.I.6 agent in an attempt at revealing the real face of James Bond. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are very recognizable, whereas Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore tend to get lost in the alpha-Brit melee. If nothing else, this fun project may help give some ideas to the producers of the ... more >

LIVING IN A TOM HARDY WORLD – The new “Batman” trailer

If ever someone was predisposed to playing the joker, it was him

This is Tom Hardy's moment--this guy's everywhere. The British actor who became known to American audiences a couple of years ago for his turn in Nicholas Winding Refn's 2008 feature film "Bronson" (see our review here) has since appeared in some big-budget pictures and seems to follow the same path as Jason Statham. Hardy will appear next as Bane in Christopher Nolan's next and final "Batman" ... more >