Asia in so many words

The director speaks about her latest film project
"Era Di Marzo," starring Bianca D'Amato
Directed by Asia Argento

Italian, sybarite, lover of beauty, jaded, intellectual, addicted to work, professional, charismatic. I picture myself shaking these words in a tumbler and throwing them onto the rug to see how they will land. Asia Argento's influences, whether in music or in film, run the gamut, but only insofar as it is worthy of being called art. She's stuck to her guns, having appeared in films by Gus Van ... more >

Catherine Breillat

I met French filmmaker and novelist Catherine Breillat at her hotel on the edge of Central Park. She sat by the window in her room, framed by a spectacular view of the park. 'I decided to give interviews here,' she tells me, 'it’s so much better than down in the restaurant.' Breillat’s Une Vieille Maitresse (starring Asia Argento, Michael Lonsdale and Claude Sarraute) was shown in competition in ... more >