The Congress

Ari Folman's follow-up to "Waltz with Bashir" is a fail
Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel
Directed by Ari Folman

Memo to bombastic directors who come up with ill-digested “Philosophy for Dummies” concepts on the nature of love and life in hardly watchable films (e.g. Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life”): Don’t. Unfortunately, chances are they won’t listen and will continue to come up with these half-baked offerings to convey a message so obscure we don’t get it. Case in point, “The Congress.” But before ... more >

Conflicting Histories: Israel and Palestine

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 10

Kool Shee Helo, composed by Habib Shehadeh Hanna Feat. Reem Talhami (The Band’s Visit), 2007 Incubator, performed by HaClique (Waltz with Bashir), 2006 Lemon Tree, performed by Mira Award (Lemon Tree), 2009 Ana Albi Dalily, performed by Leila Mourad (The Time that Remains), 2009 Mawal, performed by Maher Halabi (Ajami), 2009 Additional music: “Heal my heart” by Kerri Chandler (pictured: a ... more >

Waltz with Bashir

Ari Folman's masterpiece
Directed by Ari Folman

Animated films are an art form that could be credited as far superior to anything else, especially with today's available craftsmanship and technology. When done well the storytelling can attain such heights that it can completely overwhelm traditional cinema. But the reason that such works are a rarity is because a good, original and tension-driven animated picture is hard to create. In "Waltz ... more >