Unstoppable ARGO crowned bestest at Academy Awards

Ben Affleck's film gets well-deserved nod

I never get my prediction for Best Movie right. This year, I did. Sure, you will claim that “Argo” was a shoo-in, what with the trail of fire it’s been leaving behind it these past few months (unstoppable, that movie's been lately), and you’re right. “Argo” is where the money’s at. Although shot in Turkey, the Ben Affleck-directed political thriller takes place in Tehran, Iran, right in the ... more >



Affleck cleans up, grabs best director and best film gold

Ben Affleck has made his comeback on the international stage with aplomb, grabbing several awards at the Brit Awards, namely Best Director and Best Movie, for his film "Argo." What an improbable turn for "Argo," a vital and thrilling film about a little-known incident which occurred during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 (visit the BAFTA's tumblr for more on this). Can this win be a sign of ... more >

Yay for “Iranian” cinema | ARGO

Republic Islamic of Iran ups the ante -- sort of

Not ones to be outdone Iran’s government is funding a film about the American hostage crisis of 1979 in response to what they consider the “distorted” vision put forth in “Argo,” directed by Ben Affleck and which garnered major accolades at the Golden Globes this past weekend. "The screenplay for ‘Setad Moshtarak’ (‘Chiefs of Staff’ in Farsi) was approved by the authorities and we expect to get ... more >

ARGO seen through the prism of history

A film long on thrills but short on history

"Argo" is a great thriller, well-acted (special kudos to John Goodman and Alan Arkin), with spectacular cinematography in an Istanbul passing off as Tehran and a nail-bitingly suspenseful last half-hour (see Craig Younkin's REVIEW). Incredibly, the far-fetched story really happened. The year is 1979 with Iran’s Islamic Revolution in full swing. In November, when the terminally ill Shah who has ... more >


The movie was fake. The mission was real
Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston
Directed by Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s gradual rise from the “Gigli” debacle to alpha-director-status is doubtlessly one of Hollywood’s best comebacks. And yet, the actor-director faces his toughest challenge yet with “Argo,” out in theaters today, a fresh take on a controversial international affairs incident. Six American diplomats stuck inside Tehran during the 1979-80 events there (hostage crisis, etc.) are rescued ... more >