SUNDANCE 2022 | “Resurrection” and “You Won’t Be Alone”

Two worthwhile films from Day 3 at the fest

Writer/director Andrew Semans’ “Resurrection” is an unnerving thriller starring Rebecca Hall as Margaret, a single mother and businesswoman whose daughter Abbie (Grace Kaufman) will soon leave for college. Enter David (Tim Roth, in one of his best roles in years), a man from Margaret’s past. He is a soft-spoken and aging man but is revealed to be a dark reminder from Margaret’s past, very much a ... more >

“NANCY, PLEASE” a grad student’s worst nightmare

Angry ex-roommate equals a whole host of problems

“Nancy, Please” as a character study that reliably builds up tension incorporates some very strong performances. In fact, acting performances make this new feature film by newcomer Andrew Semans. Paul (Will Rogers) plays a believable (and believably) unraveling academic who's left his dissertation’s source text at his previous apartment and cannot seem to get it back. His motivations for ... more >