SUNDANCE 2022 | “Alice”

What lays beyond
Alicia Witt, Jonny Lee Miller, Keke Palmer and Common
Directed by Krystin Ver Linden

Premiering in the U.S. Dramatic competition slate at Sundance, Krystin Ver Linden’s “Alice” is a film where fiction meets reality, as one woman straddles two different generations. Keke Palmer is Alice, a slave on a tucked-away Georgia plantation run by Old Testament-thumping Paul Bennet (Jonny Lee Miller). Alice secretly marries Joseph (Sinqua Walls) and tries to take solace in as much wedded ... more >


We spoke with Kate Cohen, Nick Stahl and Alicia Witt
Alicia Witt and Nick Stahl
Directed by Bruce Van Dusen

The Johnny Depp science fiction film “Transcendence” has been kicking around theaters for the past two weeks, but there’s a smaller gem of a movie—independently co-written and co-produced by Kate Cohen, one of “Transcendence’s” producers that's only available for streaming. It’s called “Away from Here,” and like “The Woodsman,” it treats a normally sensational subject, adult sex with minors, ... more >