Sam Neave

Everything you've wanted to know about the art of filmmaking

Even Sam Neave is quick to admit that the material of “Almost in love,” his latest romantic dramedy, is shared by countless films that have come to disenchant him with their overdone depictions of the afflictions of yuppiehood. And yet, ten years later Neave returns to the universe of urban sophisticates his debut “Cry Funny Happy” depicted in 2003 intent on exploring the depths of the ... more >


One of our favorites at Tribeca this year

Disclosure: “Rubberneck” was a film I was assigned to review, not one I chose. And yet I can’t thank my editor enough, as it’s the most compelling drawn-out thriller I’ve seen in a while. It also serves as illustration for why the Tribeca Film Festival was created in the first place: to provide a venue for the small-budget indies which may otherwise not get much mileage. The hardest part of this ... more >