“La Prière,” the strange journey of an addict toward himself

A film that's both moving and stimulating
Anthony Bajon and Louise Grinberg
Directed by Cédric Kahn

He arrived. We do not know where from, nor how. With his round face marked by blows, this teenager looks like a kid and a tough guy all at once. We do not know where he comes from, but we know what he’s become a product of: his addiction to hard drugs. We don’t know how he got there, but we understand where he hails from: a community of men living in the mountains, aging addicts, now devoted to ... more >

The German Doctor

"Wakolda" [Samuel Goldwyn Mayer]
Natalia Oreiro, Àlex Brendemühl and Diego Peretti
Directed by Lucia Puenzo

Of all the sick Nazis whose names have gone down in history as an unforgettable reminder of that period’s infamy, surely one of the very worst is the Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele. One can only imagine this mad “scientist” given thousands of live subjects he could submit at will to his experiments, pulling out eyes, cutting out hearts and other organs without anesthesia, conjoining twins, using ... more >