Agnès Varda, doyenne of this year’s Cannes Festival

August 1954, Sète (South of France). In the bright summer light, Silvia Monfort and Philippe Noiret experiment with their fragile love, surrounded by struggling fishermen, bustling women, children at play and roaming cats. Natural settings, lightweight camera, low budget: with "La Pointe Courte" (presented at Cannes in a movie theater on the rue d’Antibes in 1955), the photographer from Jean ... more >

Agnès Varda leaves us, she was 90

French cinema, the movie world, we've lost big

Agnès Varda, gone? Is this even possible? Wasn’t she the one renewing herself with every decade, with every year, always growing new skin, always morphing into a new language, another mode of expression, breaking barriers, making art forms flow into each other? Wasn’t she the little lady with the funny hair who started out as a photographer, commissioned by no less a luminary than Jean Vilar to ... more >



From David Lynch to Sofia Coppola

Is social media a waste of time, as David Remnick said? Maybe so. But Twitter, Instagram and the rest make keeping up with other people's lives easy and free. Where the Cannes festivalgoer is concerned, a spur-of-the-moment video on Instagram by a filmmaker can potentially add insight into what they're experiencing. At the same time, it's important not to lose touch of the fact that social media ... more >

Les Plages D’Agnès

New doc from France
Agnès Varda, André Lubrano and Blaise Fournier
Directed by Agnès Varda

Noirmoutiers, in northwestern France, is an island when the tide is high and part of the mainland when it’s low. A quirky, peculiar place, then, where Agnès Varda, a major figure of the French New Wave, has made her home these many years. Varda now uses herself and her life to give us a documentary/memoir of her eighty years. The movie is light and whimsical, yet deep in its quiet insights, ... more >