WOMEN IN FILM: Jane Campion

A new series on women of influence in cinema

A recipient of the Palme d’Or, the Silver Lion, and an Academy Award, Jane Campion is one of the most successful women directors in the history of cinema. Campion’s first feature film, “Sweetie” premiered at Cannes in 1989 where it was greeted with boos but has since been claimed as a hallmark of the director’s iconoclastic style, with its black humor, striking visuals and its penetrating look ... more >


Six minutes into the future: a conversation with Karim Huu Do, director

"I have this Westernized mind, and at the same time, I have roots that are not coming from here. All this stuff mixed together creates something interesting"

What would it be like if you existed six minutes in the future, ahead of everyone? Things around you look familiar, being young is still cool and institutional repression hasn’t caught on with your latest act of rebellion. This is the world of Karim Huu Do, director. Some of the most esthetically-intense, visually-rousing short films come from advertising work. And some of the most ... more >


INTERVIEW: Michael Ealy on his new film “The Intruder”

"The Intruder" stars Meagan Good, Dennis Quaid and Michael Ealy

Actor Michael Ealy was in the midst of renovating his own home when a script came his way about a man who sells his house to a young couple, but then, at first mysteriously but later ominously, refuses to leave them be after turning over the keys. “I understand this whole idea of the American dream and buying your first house, starting your family,” Ealy said, comparing real life with his new ... more >


INDIE OUTFIT ORCHARD FILM GROUP, producer of “Meeting Gorbachev” and “Halston,” renamed 1091

1091 was chosen as a nod to history

Los Angeles, Calif. – The company formerly known as The Orchard Film Group has officially launched today as 1091, a new global commercial distribution platform company for independent film and television content creators. The new company will invest in technology, new delivery options and business intelligence that will offer superior levels of transparency for its clients. The announcement was ... more >


TEN QUESTIONS for Penny Lane, director of “Hail Satan?”

Taking stock of the rise of the Satanic Temple
Jex Blackmore and Nicholas Crowe
Directed by Penny Lane

The debate between secularists and the religious is nothing new, but a fresh front on that long-simmering battle of the culture wars is being waged on the grounds of the Arkansas Capitol in Little Rock, where one organization is pushing to have its deity, Baphomet, displayed next to a large monument of the Ten Commandments. It gets dicey when you consider that the organization behind the ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL – Alain Delon to be feted with Honorary Palme

Cannes Festival will run 14-25 May

Throughout the sixties and beyond, and today, still, you could ask many a woman (man?) from Tehran to Trieste or Tucson who their favorite on-screen male heartthrob was and, chances are they would've told you, with misty eyes, Alain Delon. The slightly-gloomy actor with killer eyes from France made an impression on many a film viewer, too. Delon has appeared in some of cinema's greatest ... more >

Agnès Varda, doyenne of this year’s Cannes Festival

August 1954, Sète (South of France). In the bright summer light, Silvia Monfort and Philippe Noiret experiment with their fragile love, surrounded by struggling fishermen, bustling women, children at play and roaming cats. Natural settings, lightweight camera, low budget: with "La Pointe Courte" (presented at Cannes in a movie theater on the rue d’Antibes in 1955), the photographer from Jean ... more >