Ella Blumenthal, 100, embodiment of humanity and resiliency, Holocaust survivor, subject of “I Am Here” (we spoke with the film’s director and producer)

Documentary was shown at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival last month

Ella Blumenthal was a young woman when the Nazis invaded her native Poland. Over the next few years she was bounced around Europe by Hitler’s forces, experiencing firs-thand the horrors of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. She even participated in the failed Warsaw Uprising in 1943, to which the Nazis responded with a horrific crackdown that would all but level the ancient city. Blumenthal and her ... more >

INTERVIEW with Cedric Cheung-Lau of “The Mountains Are a Dream That Calls to Me”

The film was shot with a crew of only nine people on a 19-day trek in the Himalayas

Last January, in the before times when film festivals were still held in person, I beheld one of the most unique and powerful films I’d ever seen. Cedric Cheung-Lau’s “The Mountains Are a Dream That Calls to Me” was unlike anything I had ever seen before—or since. Filmed in Nepal, it told the profoundly simple story of a Nepalese man named Tukten (Sanjay Lama Dong) who says he is walking to a new ... more >

INTERVIEW | Pamela Green, director of “Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché”

Her film premiered in 2018 in the Cannes Classics slate at the Cannes Festival

Award season is here, and the upcoming Golden Globes have made history by nominating three women in their “Best Director” category.  To honor that long overdue achievement I thought it would be the perfect time to talk with filmmaker Pamela B. Green (featured image) about her documentary “Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché.” If you don’t recognize the name in the title, ... more >

In conversation with the creator and cast of “LOSING ALICE,” airing today on Apple TV +

An erotic neo-noir with a Faustian bargain thrown in

The Apple TV+ series “Losing Alice” fashions an atmosphere of dread in its first moments and never lets up. Over eight episodes this Israeli import, which debuts stateside on Friday, is more about engendering a feeling within the viewer rather than setting up a who-did-what-when thriller procedural. Not that the staples of the mystery genre aren’t present. But unlike lesser shows, which start ... more >

“We saw scores, then hundreds, change”; interview with the director of “Gay Chorus Deep South”

Film premieres today

Donald Trump’s 2016 election shocked a great many, including Dr. Tim Seelig, the artistic director of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Despite the heartbreaking result, Seelig decided that, rather than continue to perform for friendly Bay Area audiences, it was time to head south—-to the Deep South. After Trump’s election, Seelig and the choir announced their intention to stage a tour to ... more >

“I didn’t hire Christopher Walken for his accent; I hired him for his soul” (talking with playwright and writer/director John Patrick Shanley about his latest film “Wild Mountain Thyme”)

Shanley is best-known for the 2008 film "Doubt"

Since international travel is currently all but impossible the movies provide a way to visit other parts of the world—as they always have. And it was of tremendous importance to writer/director John Patrick Shanley (“Doubt,” “Moonstruck”) that Ireland, the land of his forefathers, be a main character in his new film “Wild Mountain Thyme,” adapted from his play “Outside Mullingar.” “Instead of ... more >

INTERVIEW: “Ultimately, it’s the deepest quest of all,” Errol Morris speaks with us about his new film “My psychedelic love story,” it airs tonight

Fourth Floor Productions; Moxie Pictures

Even as we spoke on the phone last week, filmmaker Errol Morris said he was still putting the finishing touches on his new documentary, a version of which I had seen not long before the Oscar-winning director of “The Fog of War” and “Gates of Heaven” chatted with me from his home in Massachusetts. Until recently, he was still color correcting and filling in the musical score. Letting go of the ... more >