AUTHOR | Max Weinstein


DOC: “Rising from Ashes”

Narrated by Forest Whitaker
Directed by T.C. Johnstone

Stasis is ignorance and mobility is enlightenment in T.C. Johnstone's "Rising From Ashes," a documentary about the Rwandan Olympic cycling team which uses the wheel of the bicycle as a metaphor for the way we live, learn, grow and co-exist amidst individual and systemic horrors. The team's coach, cycling legend Jonathan Boyer (referred to throughout as "Jock"), knows much about how to win a ... more >

DCTV Cinema opens in New York’s downtown

New film center raises profile of documentary filmmaking

The Downtown Community Television Center’s new cinema in Lower Manhattan had its official groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning, at which New York City government officials Kate Levin, Scott Stringer, Margaret Chin, and Gale Brewer met with renowned documentarians Michael Moore (“Bowling for Columbine,” “Fahrenheit 9/11”), Matthew O’Neill and Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me”) to sing the praises ... more >

Sam Neave

Everything you've wanted to know about the art of filmmaking

Even Sam Neave is quick to admit that the material of “Almost in love,” his latest romantic dramedy, is shared by countless films that have come to disenchant him with their overdone depictions of the afflictions of yuppiehood. And yet, ten years later Neave returns to the universe of urban sophisticates his debut “Cry Funny Happy” depicted in 2003 intent on exploring the depths of the ... more >