TRIBECA SHORTS : Alejandra Parody’s “Gets good light”


(in this series we present five short films selected by the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival) This is an important time in America. This country has always been blanketed under the hypocrisy of touting itself as the “land of the free” and one where “all men are created equal,” while our government creates policies and procedures to ensure that people of color and any minority are kept down and aren't ... more >

How the music uncorked the full artistic potential of William Friedkin’s “To live and die in L.A.”

Counterfeit world, real-life emotions

The eighties were a fruitful time for the fusion of films and pop music. Never was there a time when the pop charts and the weekly box-office complimented one another as often as they did then. It got to the point where a film’s popularity would sometimes depend on the success of its soundtrack. Eighties-era MTV was a willing participant in the crossover promotion of big Hollywood films, as a hit ... more >

REVIEW: Lucía Garibaldi’s polished and hypnotic “The Sharks”

An engrossing story about the journey to womanhood
Romina Bentancur, Federico Morosini and Fabián Arenillas
Directed by Lucía Garibaldi

“The Sharks” ("Los Tiburones" in the original Spanish title) is something special. Uruguayan writer/director Lucía Garibaldi's feature-length debut is a coming of age tale that gets to the heart of its subject without judgment or forced and phony life lessons. This is a careful and organic look at a teenager on the cusp of becoming a woman. Almost overwhelmed by puberty, fifteen-year old Rosina ... more >


She had us. Then she lost us.
Sean Hayes, Carrie Aizley and Margo Martindale
Directed by Nick Peet

What can one say when a great performance is lost on a film so enamored with itself that it becomes less and less endearing from scene to scene, finally burying any good graces it may have had? The answer? An unfortunate negative take on the new comedy, “Lazy Susan.” Sean Hayes is the unambitious Susan O’Connell. Susan can’t hold down a job nor do what it takes to find one and has been ... more >

NETFLIX AND CHILL: Ten reasons why staying in during the coronavirus scare is not so bad

"Master of None," "Ozark" and "Unorthodox" have made the list!

Confinement. Quarantine. Shut in. Whatever you wish to call it, we are all doing our part to stay safe during this tough time. For many of us, the arts are the key to keeping our minds stable through any issue, let alone being stuck in our homes for months. We have novels, music, films and television to see us through. The world now lives in the age of bingeing thanks to the major streaming ... more >

MOVIE REVIEW: How “Slay the dragon” trains the spotlight on a perverse side of America’s electoral system

The breathtaking inanity of gerrymandering
Directed by Chris Durrance and Barak Goodman

The most frightening film of 2020 is not a horror flick. It’s a film about our electoral process. Chris Durrance and Barak Goodman’s stunning and eye-opening documentary examines how gerrymandering (the act of manipulating boundaries of an electoral constituency to favor one political party) is a very real and very present danger to our American democracy. This could be the most important film of ... more >

MOVIE REVIEW: Betty Gilpin as an unstoppable bad-ass in “THE HUNT”

How a genre film took on outrage culture and online political discourse
Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank and Ike Barinholtz
Directed by Craig Zobel

Politics in the horror genre is a tricky thing. If done incorrectly, a film’s political slant can hurt its narrative. When done right, a political take can enhance a film’s potency. The late George A. Romero and horror film legend John Carpenter are the two filmmakers who expertly infused their political messages within their works. Romero, with his series of “...of the Dead” films, made each ... more >