AUTHOR | Anthony Francis


In Trump-era America the Christian right’s muscular offensive against LGBTQ leaves a trail of destruction, “For they know not what they do” (REVIEW)

Film opens nationwide June 12th
Directed by Daniel Karslake

These are the words spoken by a priest in “For They Know Not What They Do,” a powerful documentary that speaks to a very real and dangerous problem happening in this country, the religious right’s pushback against equality and acceptance of the LGTBQ community. The film examines four different families and the ways in which they handle the coming out of a family member; three are stories of ... more >

Elizabeth Moss in “Shirley” gives career performance

Film was produced by Christine Vachon
Elisabeth Moss, Logan Lerman and Michael Stuhlbarg
Directed by Josephine Decker

“A fictional biography” is a phrase that usually doesn’t work when it comes to films. Of course, when telling the story of a real person or event, some dramatic license is necessary and sometimes warranted. The new film, “Shirley,” tells the story of horror writer Shirley Jackson that features events that never took place. And that is just fine. Jackson is best known for her 1960 horror novel, ... more >

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Droving”

A man's search for his lost sister
Daniel Oldroyd, Suzie Frances Garton and Amy Tyger
Directed by George Popov

With the current style of Hollywood thrillers that tend more toward flashy camerawork and preposterous chase scenes and situations, one feels appreciative when a film comes along that creates the proper atmosphere to fit its subject matter. Director George Popov’s latest UK-set film is a mood piece with a supernatural motif that is one of the more aesthetically-pleasing thrillers I’ve seen in ... more >

MOVIE REVIEW: “Abe” is a film for the whole family that sidesteps the drawbacks of being a family film

This is the first work of fiction by Brazilian-born director Grostein Andrade
Noah Schnapp, Seu Jorge and Dagmara Dominczyk
Directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade

It is rare in today’s filmmaking world that inspiring films about youth have something profound to say. Most films that claim to speak to today’s kids tend to condescend to their audience and crowd their screenplays with clichés, ofttimes rendering their content superficial and phony. Fernando Grostein Andrade’s “Abe” is the special film that takes care to get to the heart of its subject. It is ... more >

MOVIE REVIEW: As Frank Tassone Hugh Jackman hit the right note in “Bad Education”

Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney and Welker White
Directed by Cory Finley

The culture of money, positions of power and white privilege has never been more prominent. With a little power (be it in the corporate world, Hollywood, or any place where the suits rule) one can twist and bend the rules for their own personal gain. Many times, this is done with great hypocrisy, as those in power will judge and advise others while secretly committing acts of fraud, theft, and ... more >

REVIEW: “Capone,” there was nary a word out of Tom Hardy’s Fonzo (but grunts and moans? Plenty)

Film is available online for streaming
Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini and Matt Dillon
Directed by Josh Trank

Every mobster’s life is filled with the ghosts of the past and the nightmares of the dead that come back to haunt them. It is a dangerous life ruled by guns and muscle and stained in blood. Men like Al Capone were monsters and far from the sometimes-glamorous portrayals that we have seen countless times before. Gangsters are murderers who, we can only imagine, are ultimately haunted by their deeds ... more >

REVIEW: “Spaceship Earth” is a timely documentary that trains the spotlight on the climate change crisis

RELEASE DATE: May 8th, 2020
Roy Walford, Linda Leigh, Tony Burgess and John Allen
Directed by Matt Wolf

2020 America is not the time or the place for the intellectual. We are living in a time that is aggressively pushing back against science and rational thinking. Extremely important environmental issues are being sidelined and/or dismissed by too many people in positions of power. But there was a time, a time when idealists would come together to collectively find ways to improve life and to ... more >