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HBO’s “Chernobyl,” a timely and empathic drama about one of the greatest technological disasters of our time

This series is currently airing on HBO

1986’s Chernobyl accident was the result of a flawed reactor design operated by inadequately-trained personnel. The disaster was the only accident in the history of commercial nuclear power in which radiation-related fatalities occurred. It’s estimated that the incident resulted in as many as 93,000 fatalities. The HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” examines the domino effect of incompetence and ... more >


On De Palma’s new murder mastery “Domino”

This film was partly funded by Norway's film fund

Lite De Palma can still be good De Palma. “Domino” sees the master-filmmaker working with a lesser script yet coming out on top. The director had made clear his disgust with the making of this film, whose production at one point was in danger of being shut down because of money issues. De Palma still insists many crew members hadn’t been properly paid and says that this “was my first film in ... more >


THE SON, on loss and comradeship in the ranks of Russia’s special task forces


Russia’s Spetsnaz, or special task force, is a cohort of young soldiers who continuously train in preparation for taking on enemies of the state. They pay tribute to fallen comrades killed in past conflicts, sometimes under mysterious circumstances. In his film “The Son,” Russian-born filmmaker Alexander Abaturov chooses to ignore the whys and the hows of the high-stakes political game that is ... more >