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ASHBY | In her first semi-serious role Sarah Silverman gives a great performance

Mickey Rourke as a former CIA assassin ...
Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff and Emma Roberts
Directed by Tony McNamara

One of the great things about smaller independent films is that the freedom they explore in not getting pigeon-holed into one specific genre. As the recently-passed Tribeca Festival caters to the independents it follows that they reap the benefits of this formula. Case in point is one of the festival’s better selections this year ASHBY which combines drama, comedy (or dark comedy) sprinkled with a ... more >



There are years when everyone knows which film will win. 2015 was not one of them, although there was some consensus among the major press that CAROL and MIA MADRE were the strongest films, cinematographically and stylistically and the Hou Hsiao-Hsien-directed THE ASSASSIN, the rare film this year by a filmmaker who's completely in control of his art, would not go home empty-handed. We expected ... more >


Notwithstanding the lack of one film trailblazing the others as was the case in previous years (MOMMY or LA VIE D'ADELE, as recent examples, HOLY MOTORS a little bit earlier), 2015 has borne a tremendously-strong Cannes vintage. So yes, credit--much of it--goes to Thierry Frémaux and his team for having bravely assembled such an inventive slate of films by filmmakers who express themselves ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL | Interview with Yared Zeleke, the director of LAMB

Film has been sold in most territories except U.S.
Produced by Ama Ampadu

CANNES, France - Zeroing in on the influences that push someone towards a career as filmmaker isn't an easy task. But where Ethiopian director Yared Zeleke is concerned two events can be said to have been defining ones: a photo he saw in the French city of Cannes fourteen years ago and his emigrating to the U.S. with his father at age ten, a very difficult moment. “My grandmother raised me,” ... more >

CANNES gets some LOVE

LOVE premiered on Wednesday night at Midnight

CANNES, France - The Croisette has been awash in semen since the midnight premiere screening of the new Gaspar Noé film LOVE. The director of ENTER THE VOID and I STAND ALONE said during a sparsely-attended press conference today that he submitted the film to fest a week after the April selection announcement. That this was going to be in 3D was a mystery, even to the filmmaker. Vincent Maraval ... more >



Ethiopia makes a rare appearance at the Cannes Festival
Rediat Amare, Kidist Siyum and Welela Assefa
Directed by Yared Zeleke

This doesn't happen every year, and yet, 2015 is now the year that Ethiopia was represented in the official selection. Ethiopia by way of New York University Film, where filmmaker Yared Zeleke studied, among others, screenwriting under Todd Solondz. "Lamb," which screened yesterday afternoon, is a tender and affecting film about a young boy and his goat. At least, that seems to be the point of ... more >


"Sicario" means "hit man" in Spanish
Starring Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin
Directed by Denis Villeneuve

Every Cannes Festival (and so, every festival) needs a good shoot-em-up movie. We got ours this year with SICARIO, starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Josh Brolin in the supporting role. SICARIO's at-times lack of depth and the expeditious nature of certain plot twists make this solid revenge drama imperfect. But an extraordinary lensmanship by Roger Deakins and ominous, ... more >