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Something we saw on Youtube

A truly must-watch video

"The Auteurs of Christmas" video is making the rounds of Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds this week. What if Scorcese, Allen, Herzog or Michael Moore did a featurette about the morning of Christmas? The people at video production outfit Fourgrounds Media imagined, and then filmed, one of the most familiar takes on family life around the holidays, that is, Christmas morning, as would be seen ... more >

American Hustle

American Hustle

The Con over Reality: making the case
Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper
Directed by David O. Russell

In "American Hustle"’s would-be signature moment con-man Christian Bale shows G-man Bradley Cooper a Rembrandt in a gallery. He explains that it’s really a fake. Who is the better artist, he asks, the original artist or the person who took the time and skill to fake it? Well, I would say the artist. He is the one who perceived it. He is the one who conceived it. He is the one who summoned the ... more >

A touch of sin

China, in all its ludicrousness
Wu Jiang, Vivien Li and Lanshan Luo
Directed by Zhangke Jia

In four unrelated chapters "A Touch of Sin" tells the story of contemporary China, a semi-totalitarian state bearing the accoutrements of wealth and steeped in a capitalism that's violent, unjust, zealous and already decadent. Zhangke Jia, likely China's most accomplished filmmaker, draws a picture of his birthplace that's cold, realistic and extremely determined. "Sin" is taken up with a ... more >

CANNES PRESIDENCY — It’s a power grab!

Former TV network padron Pierre Lescure wants in

Paris--Ever since the launching of French television network and film distributor CanalPlus in the early eighties (of which he was a central part) media capitan Pierre Lescure has led the charge in terms of edgy programming and driving audiences' expectations for top-notch entertainment ever higher. Whether it's entertainment or art (or both) and it is destined for the small or big screen or the ... more >

Leos Carax is an art form


For the theatrical release of two masterpieces by French filmmaker Leos Carax ("Holy Motors") Carlotta Films teams up with Le Cabinet de Curiosités at Maison Kitsuné in New York to create two unique artworks in the form of two film posters. These pieces will be specially created for this event for fans of Carax's films "Mauvais Sang" and "Boy meets girl." Le Cabinet de Curiosités IV will be ... more >