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Cui Z'ien


Filmmaker in Paris to present two documentaries

In a China haphazardly completing its rapid economic transformation Cui Zi'en is an independent documentary filmmaker who braves censorship in order to represent societal changes through the eyes of the indigent. "We are a comic-heroic generation, a lost generation," a young man says in “Night Scene,” Zi’en’s documentary about Beijing’s young male prostitutes which is being shown here in Paris ... more >



Affleck cleans up, grabs best director and best film gold

Ben Affleck has made his comeback on the international stage with aplomb, grabbing several awards at the Brit Awards, namely Best Director and Best Movie, for his film "Argo." What an improbable turn for "Argo," a vital and thrilling film about a little-known incident which occurred during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 (visit the BAFTA's tumblr for more on this). Can this win be a sign of ... more >

identity thief

Identity Thief

Poor Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and Robert Patrick
Directed by Seth Gordon

Poor Jason Bateman. Nothing good ever happens to him. He doesn’t get to be Seth Rogen dishing out one liners. His form of comedy involves being the average guy taking abuse––punches, stomps, bites, and the rest of it. No one takes a kick to the groin quite like Jason Bateman. He’s a little like a modern Jack Lemmon, the normal man beset by his circumstances. In “Identity Thief “––aside from ... more >


BERLINALE | Grand Master

Fest first opens to mixed results

The last of the snow around Potsdamer Platz has melted in time for the 63rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. This year’s opening film, from festival jury president Wong Kar-Wai (pictured at left), was the big-budget Kung Fu epic "The Grandmaster,"  shown here in its world premiere a month after opening in China. Expectations ran high for the arthouse auteur’s first martial ... more >

Side Effects

... more >

side effects rooney mara and channing tatum

Side Effects

A strong final bow for Soderbergh?
Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

In addition to being his supposedly last theatrical film director Steven Soderbergh, for a while, would have you believe “Side Effects” could be his best—a complex thriller about psychiatric drugs—only to lose its focus almost entirely and make you wish screenwriter Scott Z. Burns took a shot of Ritalin. Martin and Emily (Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara) are a New York couple with issues. He has ... more >

Broken Gallery

BERLINALE 2013 – What’s on tap

This year's batch of films was ripped from the headlines

The 63rd edition of the Berlinale will open tomorrow Thursday evening for ten days. And like every year, it’s the diversity of the films on hand which makes this festival remarkable. More than 400 titles will be screened, including big-budget Hollywood movies and a slew of European films (including several first features) addressing controversial contemporary issues like homosexuality within ... more >