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Alex Cross

Having Tyler Perry on your cast
Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox and Cicely Tyson
Directed by Rob Cohen

Anyone who’s ever read James Patterson’s "Alex Cross" novels knows that the Psychologist/Detective is far from the AARP card-carrying veteran made famous by Morgan Freeman. He’s actually a single father living with two kids (with a third on the way, plus a possible promotion to the FBI) and his grandma, Nana Mama. So “Alex Cross” is a reboot of sorts, one with the wild card of having Tyler “Madea” ... more >

Let’s go to lala-land


Music for the Funeral March of Queen Mary by Wendy Carlos (A Clockwork Orange) 1971 Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald (24 Hour Party People) 2002 Amarcord by Nino Rota (Amarcord) 1973 Clerks by Nickels and Dimes (Clerks) 1994 Storm by Bjork (Drawing Restraint No. 9) 2005 Believe by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) 1998 A Felicidade by Antonio Carlo Jobim (Black Orpheus) 1959 ARE YOU A FAN? ... more >

Sylvia Kristel DIES

Dutch actress starred in artsy erotic film "Emmanuelle"

Dutch actor Sylvia Kristel, the subject (dare we say, target?) of every French teenager's amour fou, has passed on. In 1974, the film "Emmanuelle," directed by Just Jaeckin made a killing at the box office (according to Wikipedia this was France's biggest box-office hit ever, in fact), Kristel immediately becoming a symbol of eroticism from Japan to the U.S. after that. Her agent, Features ... more >

Ry Russo-Young

The New York director on shooting "Nobody Walks"

For her third feature film “Nobody Walks” (opening October 19), thirty year-old writer/director Ry Russo-Young reached an enviable amount of career milestones. It was her first time working with a relatively mainstream cast (John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby, Dylan McDermott and Justin Kirk, among others). It was her first screenwriting collaboration with Lena Dunham, creator of the hit HBO series ... more >

The Paperboy

What happens in Florida ...
Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman
Directed by Lee Daniels

Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron to subdue a jellyfish sting in “The Paperboy” and you wish she would do the same thing to subdue perverted, sensationalistic writer-director Lee Daniels (“Precious”). What a load of pointless drivel this all turns out to be. Efron stars as Jack, a college dropout living in the backwater Florida town of Moat County in 1969, who spends much of his lazy life either ... more >

That’s my boy

Single parenting ain't all it's cracked up to be
Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg
Directed by Sean Anders

Adam Sandler and R-rated comedies usually don’t go together. The last one he did was Judd Apatow’s criminally underrated “Funny People” in 2009, a movie I can only assume was too cerebral to be seen as a Sandler movie. And while “That’s My Boy” is in no way cerebral, it’s nice to see a bit more “dirty” from an actor who's long been playing it safe. His character, Donny, begins the film as a ... more >


Fundraising to be done via Kickstarter

Being a renowned filmmaker is not nearly enough to guarantee financing, this has been a fact of life in Hollywood for decades. David Fincher was nominated eight times for an Oscar in 2011 for “The Social Network” but this hasn't given him carte blanche as demonstrated by his latest project, entitled “The Goon.” Fincher had been trying to raise funds for two years in order to adapt Eric Powell’s ... more >