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“Cosmopolis” – A new film by David Cronenberg

This year's movie-event

“Cosmopolis,” the new film by David Cronenberg, is a bit anemic but as movie-events in Cannes go, it’s the bee’s knees. There’s a high-wattage star like Robert Pattinson in it, it is directed by David Cronenberg and it was adapted from a novel that is as relevant to our times as it is stinging in its indictment of them. Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a multi-billionaire and yen trader who decides ... more >

Cannes fave “Holy Motors” to be distributed here

Monsieur Merde is coming to America

It’s official, Cannes’ jack-in-the-box title by France’s Leos Carax "Holy Motors" has found a distributor. Indomina, which produces the “Cabin Fever” series, has bought the rights; no theatrical date as of this writing. This was one of the most anticipated film at Cannes this year and one of the top three films preferred by the press. Here's the official press release: It was announced that ... more >

Libya highlighted in “The Oath of Tobruk”

Idealism and go-getting in war-torn Libya

Rallying behind an insurgency borne out of the Arab Spring and emboldened by the fall of Muammar Kaddafi, helping to install a democratic government, those were  the missions of French author and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy’s (B.H.L.) as he traveled between France and Libya last year cameras in tow. As revealed in “The Oath of Tobruk” (a co-directed project shot entirely with Canon's EOS 5D ... more >


U.S. isn't invited to the party--there's always 2013

The winners have been announced and this 65th edition of the Cannes Festival is officially over. Slim pickins for the U.S., with the American Benh Zeitlin winning the only prize in the Official Selection, the Camera D'Or (for feature films being presented at Cannes for the first time).  Let's hope for a stronger showing next year in Cannes. One of the surprises of the evening included the "A ... more >

Jeff Nichols in Cannes with “Mud”

Will America win the top honors a second year in a row?

As I type these lines there are rumors that “Mud,” by the American Jeff Nichols, may find its way to the top rungs of the competition prizes—some are even talking of a Palme D’Or upset. Matthew McConaughey, who came to the Croisette to present a film for the first time in his career, plays the Mud of the title, an enlightened vagabond living on a deserted island on the Mississipi river—his ... more >

MOONRISE KINGDOM – A gem of brains, humor and heart

Experiencing love at its purest

Wes Anderson’s "Moonrise Kingdom" is not only a story of the power of first love but also the way that children create the mythology of adulthood through the fabric of stories. The world approaches us first wrapped as tales, and we handle its mysteries with imagination. The largest part of reality, even as we age, remains a contradictory act of abstraction. This has been a quietly placed theme ... more >

Massimo Gaudioso

His "Reality" won the Grand Prix at the 65th Cannes Festival

Great films are the product of the collaborative process. And while screenwriters may not get asked the most questions during the daily press conferences at Cannes as wordsmiths and dramatists they are responsible for the surprising comeback, the wit, the meme, and the devastating third act that make a film come alive. A screenplay is the most sought-after piece of writing nowadays--one element of ... more >