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Godfather makes one-day COMEBACK

An offer you can't refuse

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter today, Francis Ford Coppola's legendary film the Godfather (1972) has just gotten a touchup and will be seen in fifty theaters on March 1, a day which marks the film's fortieth anniversary. The film, which won the Oscar for best film, was remastered with 5.1 digital surround sound. Although now owned by Paramount, at the time of its release, the studio which ... more >

2012 Oscars – BOY THOSE FRENCH

The Artist wins top five awards, Hugo Cabret cleans up in technical categories

George Clooney’s forecast was right on the money: the Oscars this year were Made in France. In a pre-ceremony interview, the Descendants actor mysteriously let slip that he’ll probably go home empty-handed and it turned out to be true. With the predictable raiding of the top-awards shelf by the Jean Dujardin and Michel Hazanavicius dream team (for Best Actor, and Best Director and Best Film ... more >

Act of Valor

Navy Seals go on a covert mission - will it go well?
Alex Veadov and Roselyn Sanchez
Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh

Act of Valor begins with the sort of sappy voice-over letter that someone should regret. Preceding the storyline (and hence the letter) directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh appear on camera in what looks like a pre-emptive apologia. Speaking directly to the audience, the two men explain they cast real-life, non-actor Navy Seals and their families in hopes of celebrating the real people and ... more >

Act of Valor

... more >

TWITTER – who to follow?

Every once in a while I will post some comments about people who tweet a lot and who are interesting to follow. As we look to a grandiose Sunday night tomorrow (what with the Oscars and all), and since Screen Comment is not yet part of the press corps at the Academy Awards, I'll nominate Nardine Saad as the journo to follow. Nardine works for the L.A. Times and will be "transmitting" her thoughts ... more >

D minus One for the Oscars – are you ready?

Holding our collective breaths - one day to go

I am absolutely thrilled to announce to everyone that the 2012 Oscars will be taking place tomorrow—you heard it here first! Oh, wait—you knew already? Tomorrow, the last Sunday in February, is a big day. The triumphant walk up to the dais, the speeches, and a few people going home disappointed. All I really care to know about tomorrow’s ceremony is whether that funny little dog from The ... more >


Our closing review from this year's Berlinale

Miguel Gomes’s Tabu, a meditative fable about love, memory and loneliness that jumps deftly between contemporary Lisbon, colonial Africa and the landscape of dreams has been gathering steam on the festival circuit, notably in Berlin this month. The film takes both its title and structure from F.W. Murnau’s final cinematic statement, a collaboration with Robert Flaherty. Shot in grainy black and ... more >