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 [rating=4] “Cyrus” is a movie so loveable in its honesty and performances that you can’t help but think this is going to be a real winner for director brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, indie filmmakers with a quirky sensibility. Here they have a cast of Jonah Hill, John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, and Catherine Keener, which shouldn’t hurt its marketability either. Reilly plays John, a sad sac still ... more >

The A-Team

There is no plan B
Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel
Directed by Joe Carnahan

My head still hurts. From the hectic opening minutes where director Joe Carnahan shoe-horns in action and character introductions as if he’s composing a movie trailer instead of a film to the moronically cartoonish characters to the onslaught of plotless, joyless, and thrill-less violence, “The A-Team” is hardly a movie, it’s a disaster of mind-numbing proportions. What story there is has ... more >

Certified Copy

A favorite this year in Cannes
Juliette Binoche and William Shimmell
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

“Copie Conforme” is a film by Abbas Kiarostami which means that it’s s-l-o-w. Slow enough to make you fidget in your seat. Slow enough to take you back to the days of the interminable scenes of couples-- walking apart from each other and not talking—in those excruciating Antonioni films of the sixties. Slow enough to give you time to wonder about the nature of cinema. Should it be entertaining? ... more >

Atom Egoyans Chloe

 [rating=1] Does a director as normally triumphant as Atom Egoyan deserve diatribes for a rare, but major, misstep? In the case of something as bad as "Chloe," the answer is yes. Egoyan has a knack for making convoluted stories flow, a skill that's all the more riveting because he often jumbles them into random order. The 1997 Russell Banks adaptation "The Sweet Hereafter" captures the ... more >

Please Give

And Cathy Keener plays the kooky wife
Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt and Rebecca Hall
Directed by Nicole Holofcener

Layered in the tiny personal details of its quietly odd characters, Nicole Holofcener’s “Please Give” falls in the category of “slice of life.” It doesn’t inflict drama. Nor is it smitten with anti-drama in the manner of some indie films, that nagging feeling of falsely repressing emotion with a goal of being different. The film’s vibe just is, ambling along at its own little pace and its own ... more >

Get him to the Greek

We're living in Apatow World
Jonah Hill and Russell Brand
Directed by Judd Apatow

Remember Aldous Snow, the selfish, over-sexed British rocker who pretty much stole the movie in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"? The character is a carry-over in “Get him to the Greek,” a new Judd Apatow-produced comedy that not only does a better job of making the rocker funny, but also finds his humanity. We first see Snow, played by comedian Russell Brand, in a hilarious music video for his new ... more >