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For some people, risking everything is nothing.
Directed by James Allen Smith

Floored (2009) purports to be a documentary about the lives of futures traders in the testosterone-soaked world of the Chicago Trading Floor and how their lives are being turned upside down by the rise of computerized trading. But instead of using these men’s stories as a microcosm of the general ethos that fueled the current financial crisis, it turns out to be more an extended character study ... more >

Sex and the City 2

Carrie on.
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis
Directed by Michael Patrick King

Sex and the City 2 isn’t funny. That’s not a surprise. The television show was never funny, either. As comedy, it was always for those women with a sense of humor commensurate with Samantha’s sexual appetites, i.e. the easy lay. The show’s value, as it was, arrived by giving young women across the nation a vicarious fantasy life in New York City. Podunk princesses could tune into HBO and ... more >


Fighting for your rights
Gérard Depardieu and Yolande Moreau
Directed by Gustave de Kervern

What’s a road movie, that well-travelled (oops, sorry) sub-genre? The story of one character or more starting on a road, sometimes just for the trip itself, more often to search for some ultimate prize or to meet one specific person or to reach a heard-of or remembered place. On the way, things happen. Over the decades, this sub-genre has grown into an industry of its own. Just to name a few, ... more >

Mother and Child

Three women, lives intersecting.
Annette Benning, Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington
Directed by Rodrigo Garcia

They are talented and respected. They are famous. They draw much praise.So is it possible for them to be overlooked, too? I would say yes.In this way, Annette Bening and Naomi Watts are similar actresses from slightly different generations. Each could make an argument for being best among their age. Yet each one is overshadowed – Bening by the long legacy of Meryl Streep; Watts by Cate Blanchett ... more >

City of your Final Destination

The new balance of power
Anthony Hopkins and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed by James Ivory

James Ivory’s latest film harkens back to Merchant-Ivory’s greatest triumphs, particularly A Room With A View (1985). But instead of a sheltered ingénue, City tells the story of a restless young academic, Omar, who is forced to question his own feelings towards his career, his relationship, and ultimately his view of the world. If this sounds like a heavy-handed premise, don’t despair; City’s tone ... more >


Forever after.
Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz
Directed by Mike Mitchell

Another summer, another "Shrek." This time Shrek (Mike Myers) is unhappy with the monotony of marriage and fatherhood and goes to Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn), who promises to magically give Shrek a day in his old ogre lifestyle if Shrek willingly gives up a day in his childhood. What Shrek doesn't know is that Rumpel has been after the throne to Far Far Away ever since Fiona (Cameron Diaz) ... more >

Cannes Playbook- Stay awake

Today I spent almost half the day inside movie theatres. I started with Korean director Lee Changdong’s "Poetry," competing for the Palme D’Or. Even though I will confess to being less inclined to liking Korean films lately, this was an important film to watch because it is in competition and also I’ve never missed the 8:30am screening. “Poetry” did not disappoint. As much as I did not appreciate ... more >