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The Green Zone

[rating=1] Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass team up again and they've brought their shaky, handheld camera along. It’s Jason Bourne in a non-Jason Bourne movie, but it stands right up there with those films. Based on Rajiv Chandrasekran’s book, it takes place during the early days of the Iraq war. Damon is Army Chief Roy Miller, baffled by poor intelligence that has so far led to squat in ... more >

Brooklyn’s Finest

[rating=1] The cop a week away from retirement. The cop forced into corruption to support his family. The cop so deep undercover that he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. Clichés? Sure. But Antoine Fuqua’s police drama “Brooklyn’s Finest” is a gritty and compelling film, made all the better by three actors who find the humanity in their characters. Richard Gere captures the broken down and ... more >

North Face

[rating=1] To call mountain climbing a sport is to ignore to what extreme degree it stands for human achievement at its greatest. It is the ultimate reward for endurance and the conquest not only of nature but of self. All sorts of metaphors can be found in pushing one’s body and soul to their absolute limits in that quest for the summit. In “North Face,” the German film by Philipp Stölzl, ... more >

The Ghost Writer

[rating=1] It might occur to you after watching "The Ghost Writer" how little the mystery really needs to matter in a mystery. The film’s would-be stumper isn’t much of one. The solution doesn’t impress. Yet you move slowly and unstoppably into its silent unease. "The Ghost Writer" is, predominantly, a film of mood and execution. As such, Roman Polanski’s new film is one of my easiest top-graders ... more >