TFF2015 | Autism in Love

Directed and produced by Matt Fuller

My name is Nathanael Hood and I’m autistic. And in my twenty-six years on this earth I have never seen a film that treated autism with the same level of respect and dignity as Matt Fuller’s AUTISM IN LOVE. It examines four subjects: Lenny, a twenty-something living with his parents who agonizes over his inability to get a girlfriend; Dave and Lindsey, two Autistics who have managed to overcome ... more >


TFF2015 | SCHERZO DIABOLICO, “a screenplay as airtight as a Hitchcock thriller”

A US/Mexico production
Francisco Barreiro, Daniela Soto Vell and Jorge Molina
Directed by Adrián García Bogliano

Adrián García Bogliano’s SCHERZO DIABOLICO can best be described as a near-perfect engine of human cruelty. Any other attempt to qualify it within the terms of established genre traditions are futile. Is it an abduction procedural? A psychological character study of a criminal à la John McNaughton’s HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER (1986)? A female revenge thriller? SCHERZO DIABOLICO is all ... more >



Currently showing at the 2015 Tribeca Festival

On August 24, 1992 the German city of Rostock was slammed by a wave of xenophobic riots which culminated in the burning of a residential building housing over 120 Vietnamese immigrants. Known as “The Night of Fire,” it was a defining moment in post-reunification German history. 23 years later, Burhan Qurbani reconstructs the events of that terrible night with his film We Are Young. We Are Strong. ... more >

Berlino: Vergine Giurata film italiano in concorso

TFF2015 : Laura Bispuri’s SWORN VIRGIN (from the FEATURE NARRATIVE section)

Original title: "Vergine Giurata" [Vivo Films]
Alba Rohrwacher, Emily Ferratello and Lars Eidinger
Directed by Laura Bispuri

Laura Bispuri's SWORN VIRGIN ("vergine giurata" in the original italian title) feels incomplete, a partial film missing a final reel. SWORN centers on Hana (Alba Rohrwacher), a young Albanian woman who invokes the traditional right for females to become honorary males known as “burrnesh” in exchange for taking an oath of virginity. Years later Hana, now known as "Mark," flees the countryside to ... more >



From NYU to Colombia
Film was shot in Buenaventura
Wladyka is the winner of a Spike Lee Fellowship award

A collaboration grew from inside a New York University graduate classroom and expanded beyond the Pacific Coast to one of the world's most dangerous cities. The result is "Manos Sucias" ("dirty hands" in Spanish) an action-packed film with a humanitarian bent that's helped train the spotlight on living conditions in Buenaventura, Colombia, a place filled with talented people who are exploited ... more >


Loitering with intent

Stars Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell
Released: April 18 (Tribeca Festival)

The other film produced by Gabe Cowan this year and shown at Tribeca (see our REVIEW of “just before I go”) is the clever and relatable “Loitering with Intent.” The cast includes Ivan Martin and Michael Godere, the screenwriters of this film in real life, as two starving-artist screenwriters named Raphael and Dominic who after being offered the chance to sell a screenplay repair to the ... more >


TRIBECA FESTIVAL: “Murder of a cat”

Part of the 2014 selection
Fran Kranz, Greg Kinnear and J.K. Simmons
Directed by Gillian Greene

The title goes right to the point, as does this movie shown at Tribeca last week, which deals with a nerdy oddball named Clinton (played brilliantly by Fran Kranz), who discovers that his cat has been killed. In attempting to solve the murder of his furry and only friend Clinton unwittingly stumbles onto a series of events which lead him deeper into chaos, until his own life is at stake. He teams ... more >