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In the Philippines where a pandemic gave Duterte absolute power it’s open season for the intimidation of journalists

Our interview with Ramona Diaz, director of "A Thousand Cuts"

Journalist Maria Ressa was convicted of “cyber libel” just as Ramona S. Diaz’s documentary about her, called “A Thousand Cuts,” was due to premiere at AFI Docs in June. Ressa had for years worked for a press outlet called the Rappler, which was severely critical of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime and stifling of the free press. “We anticipated it,” said Diaz, whose “A Thousand ... more >

Netflix announces it is cancelling the popular “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” revival after two seasons

One of the weirdest, greatest comedic series ever

The television cult hit “Mystery Science Theater 3000” ran from November 24, 1988 (where it began on KTMA-TV Minneapolis, Minnesota) until its cancelation in 1999 after three seasons at the then-new Sci-Fi Channel and seven seasons at The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central. MST3K was and is a unique television show. The simple plot being a man (Joel and later, Mike) who works as a lowly janitor for ... more >


"This vibrant series has pure delight in every episode"
DeWanda Wise, Anthony Ramos and Cleo Anthony
Directed by Spike Lee

In this wonderful series (based on his own 1986 film) Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” is a natural yet cinematically exhilarating look at Nola Darling, a modern black woman who makes no apologies as she navigates through her life and relationships on her own terms. Unambiguously set in 2016 (and 2018 for season two) this vibrant series has pure delight in every episode. The show centers on ... more >

‘Deadwood: the movie”

Currently airing on HBO

HBO’s “Deadwood” was a rather brilliant parable of corruption and violence that forever changed this country. The show’s now infamous “Deadwood Speak” (courtesy of the great David Milch) and its rich detail to character made it something truly unique. Fans were floored when the show was abruptly cancelled after season three and argued their favorite characters and plot lines never had the ... more >


One hundred days of striking: what was accomplished? Independent filmmaker Richard Keith asks all the right questions (the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the editor): (BY RICHARD KEITH) So the strike is over: 14 weeks, $2B in losses, and the Fall season in jeopardy. Here are some reflections on our great 2007- 2008 writers strike. Firstly, the studios are the worst, ... more >

The Hollywood Complex

Kid actors' rite of Spring
Andrew Manley (narrator), Rosey Forti, Tony Casala and John McCarthy
Directed by Dylan Nelson and Dan Sturman

Hollywood is the only place in the world where you can die from encouragement. Wise words to the unwise. And yet, throwing caution to the wind thousands of would-be kid actors and their parents migrate to California to vie for a part in the fifty or so new television shows (known as pilots) which are produced each year (pilot season lasts from January to April). "Throwing caution to the ... more >

NETFLIX AND CHILL: Ten reasons why staying in during the coronavirus scare is not so bad

"Master of None," "Ozark" and "Unorthodox" have made the list!

Confinement. Quarantine. Shut in. Whatever you wish to call it, we are all doing our part to stay safe during this tough time. For many of us, the arts are the key to keeping our minds stable through any issue, let alone being stuck in our homes for months. We have novels, music, films and television to see us through. The world now lives in the age of bingeing thanks to the major streaming ... more >