Iranian film “DREAMS’ GATE” selected at BERLINALE

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The documentary film “Dreams’ Gate” (“Darvazeye royaha” in the original Farsi) directed by Negin Ahmadi, has been entered into the 73rd Berlinale. “Dream’s Gate” is a joint Iran-France-Norway production, film will compete in the Generations section.

It took more than six years to make this observational documentary about an Kurdish girl searching for a part of her identity with
her camera amongst Kurdish girls in Kobani, Syria. These are women who not only rose against ISIS but waged war to preserve their world.

The personal search and internal struggles turn “Dream’s Gate” into an intimate journal written in the first person. Following, sharing, witnessing the life of other Kurdish women puts the focus on the director’s self-image and the price of equality, of freedom, in an area of the world whose tradition goes back several centuries.

The filmmaker herself, Ahmadi, went along with the female warriors as they encountered the surrounding world and fought for the values they stood for.

The 2023 Berlinale will take place February 16-February 26