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Was shown at the last Cannes Festival
Anaïs Demoustier and Josh Charles
Directed by Pascale Ferran

IMDB's one-sentence description of Pascale Ferran's new film is a nearly-apt one: "an American arrives in Paris, checks into a hotel, turns off his cell phone and starts his life anew." French filmmaker Ferran, known for her "Lady Chatterley" and "Petits arrangements entre les morts" (2010) for which she won the Caméra D'Or in Cannes, took "Birdpeople" to Cannes again this year but earned some ... more >



Known particularly for "Gandhi"(1982)
He produced "Closing the ring"
Won two Academy Awards

Richard Attenborough passed away over the weekend. Attenborough was the performing arts’ renaissance man, having involved himself with great success in acting just as well as directing and producing. His final film as a director was “Closing the ring” (2007), although he’ll be remembered particularly for “Gandhi,” which I, and everyone else of my generation, discovered in 1983 with much emotion ... more >


If I stay

Film is based on the namesake Gayle Forman novel
Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blakley and Mireille Enos
Directed by R.J. Cutler

When starlet Anne Baxter preyed on aging stage legend Bette Davis in “All About Eve,” did anyone figure that paradigm would eventually shift to middle school? Every two years we chop down the last teen star so that a new one can rise in the sunlight. You know Stewart and Lindsay and Fanning and Fanning, Knightley and Woodley and Ronan and Breslin. But do you recall, the greatest teen-actress of ... more >


A brief talk with this year's Locarno Festival winner
Diaz is a filipino filmmaker
Locarno's top prize comes with a 10K payout

Lav Diaz, congratulations, your film "Mula sa kung ano ang noon" ("From what is before" in tagalog) won the Pardo d'oro. It's unbelievable ! Thank you Locarno, thank you Carlo, thank you so much, I am speechless about it. Jean Renoir used to say that in order to reach out to the whole world, you have to talk about your own village. This film is based on the memories from my own childhood, for ... more >


Actor also suffered from anxiety and depression
He passed away on August 11

In a recent statement Susan Schneider, who married Williams in October 2011, revealed that the actor-comedian had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Here's a recent statement she gave: "Robin spent so much of his life helping others. Whether he was entertaining millions on stage, film, or television, our troops on the frontlines, or comforting a sick child — Robin wanted us to laugh and ... more >


What a lady!
Known for "The Big Sleep"; "How to marry a millionaire"

Lauren Bacall, the tough-talking femme fatale who taught Humphrey Bogart how to whistle, died on Tuesday at the age of 89, according to a statement from Bogart’s estate. “With deep sorrow, yet with great gratitude for her amazing life, we confirm the passing of Lauren Bacall,” read the brief but classy line, posted to Twitter with a picture of Bacall accepting an honorary Oscar in ... more >

Fifi howls from happiness | Dir. Mitra Farahani

[documentary, 2013]
The last days of Bahman Mohassess

“Fifi howls from happiness,” director Mitra Farahani’s elegiac post-scriptum to Persian artist Bahman Mohassess, was rolled out in theaters on Friday. I met with her in Paris to talk about shooting in close quarters with one of Iran's most venerable modern artists. About five years ago Farahani decided to go looking for Mohassess. The Loch Ness creature of Iran’s expatriate artists and a ... more >