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Death of Vincenzo Cerami

He was a disciple of Pasolini

Italian Writer and journalist Vincenzo Cerami, author of "Life is beautiful," the Roberto Benigni film, died Wednesday. He was 72 and had suffered from a long illness. Cerami was a lifelong devoté of Pier Paolo Pasolini's. The latter was Cerami's literature professor in college and hired Cerami as a director's assistant when the young student was 25; the film they collaborated on was 1964's ... more >

The Conjuring

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The Conjuring

Or the death of Marco Polo
Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Lili Taylor
Directed by James Wan

In “The Conjuring” Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga take the roles of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, a Nick and Nora of supernatural troubleshooting. The real-life Warrens are best known in some circles as investigators at Amityville. “The Conjuring” comes from a lesser known incident earlier in their career, a 1971 investigation at a 300-year-old Rhode Island farmhouse. The ... more >


Danish cinema's new flagship film
Johan Philip Asbæk, Soren Malling and Dar Salim
Directed by Tobias Lindholm

Danish cinema is becoming more and more relevant. After the sublime "A Royal Affair"  which came out last year, the Danes are darkening the summer skies with a film of a rare intensity, and one which is doubtlessly proof of their commitment to the medium and their innate talent for it. Yes, the Danes are taking filmmaking seriously and it is a joy to behold. In this hostage-taking story ... more >

Fruitvale Station

Remembering Oscar Grant
Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz
Directed by Ryan Coogler

A film that created news on the festival circuit this year is Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale Station," due out this Friday. It is based on true events that occurred in the eponymous metro station in Oakland, Calif., namely, a violent tussle that led to an innocent man dying at the hands of the police. The events were captured via mobile phone camera by an eyewitness, footage of which is shown at the ... more >

Welcome to Hell. Now get out.

Virtual visit of "Skyfall" island now open

It is called Hashima Island and it is located a few miles from Nagasaki, Japan. This island was the inspiration for the setting of "Skyfall," released at the end of 2012. James Bond fans who want to experience the mystical atmosphere of the island that was inhabited by the evil Raoul Silva (played by Javier Bardem) can now tour this strange piece of land via Google Street View. Previously a ... more >

Fruitvale Station

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