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Nicholas Hoult in a NEW YORK MINUTE

Young British heartthrob takes all

Ever since landing the lead role as Tony Stonem in the series "Skins" the young British actor Nicholas Hoult has become a bona fide sensation. He's been gracing the big screen (nearly) since, most recently with roles in two feature films, "Jack the Giant Slayer" and "Warm Bodies." Hoult had the lead part in "Jack the Giant Slayer," that of a young farmer who comes to the rescue of a princess ... more >

Stories we tell

Finding the elusive truth
Pixie Bigelow and Deirdre Bowen
Directed by Sarah Polley

Stories told in the movies are often unearthed from the bric-a-brac of our own lives, since life teems with narratives. For her first documentary, Sarah Polley lifted the veil on a family secret whose revealing caused her and her close ones much, much heartache. Polley ("Take this Waltz") is an Oscar-nominated writer, actress, and filmmaker who's made two feature films about intimate ... more >

Director’s Statement | CODE OF THE WEST

In the eye of the THC storm

Strange times we're living in. The battles that are being fought today, from gay marriage to the decriminalization--wait, legalization--of cannabis are far removed from me, and, I suspect, from a lot of other people. And yet the first one presents a vital issue for men and women everywhere and the second has been causing much head a-scratching. Smoking weed is a repugnant habit best shedded as ... more >

Warm Bodies

A concept doth not a good film make
Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Parker
Directed by Jonathan Levine

After vampires and wherewolves let us hail the return of the zombies (whether they appear in "The Walking Dead," "Warm Bodies," "28 days and weeks later," "Zombieland," or, very soon, "World War Z," zombies are pleasing to audiences--they're attention-grabbers and soon they'll probably control everything). The Jonathan Levine-directed (PROFILE) "Warm Bodies" expounds on the living-dead ... more >

ScreenComment in Cannes | TEASER

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White Elephant

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White Elephant

Adventureland in slumville
Ricardo Darin, Jérémie Renier and Martina Gusman
Directed by Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero is a socially-committed filmmaker who delivers powerful movies. After "Leonera" (2008) and "Carancho" (2010) he delves into one of Argentina's more bothersome problems, its everspreading urban slums. In an Argentina that's been licking its economic wounds, the slum have become a supporting character in and of itself. In the vein of Ken Loach or Fernando Meirelles Pablo Trapero ... more >