2016: Obama’s America | REVIEW

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According to this documentary that hit the screen just in time for the Republican Convention, what fuelled Obama’s meteoric rise to the White House was his rage against the white man and the influence of the colonialist-hating worldview of his father (never mind that Obama’s father left his wife and son to go back to Kenya when our future President was all of two).

If you add to this already volatile mix the burden of other psychological hang-ups so extreme that filmmakers John Sullivan and Dinesh D’Souza (who also scripted “2016”) hardly have time to list them in 87 minutes, we would be in really bad shape if Obama were to be reelected this fall and get a chance to complete his evil destruction of everything this great country of ours stands for.

The problem is, we have already heard all the absurd theories and apocalyptic predictions inundating media, talk shows and the web since an African-American, not even born in this country, didn’t know his place and reached the White House. That the film plays on 1,091 screens nationally (to be expanded to 1,500) and was no. 4 last weekend is a sad commentary on the audiences who gobble these outlandish claims, the same all-white audience of seniors who, when credits start rolling, rise to their feet—none too nimbly—and applaud.

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