Australian aboriginal movie, other new titles added to Cannes roster

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We are fifteen days away from the 65th edition of the Cannes festival—hooray!

This year, sixty films will be included in the official sections—six additional features were just added, as follows:

A French production, “Renoir” by Gilles Bourdos, which will close the festival, “Djeca” by Aida Begic, and “Gimme the Loot” a first-feature by Leonun Adam, have been added to the Certain Regard program—all told, twenty films will make up this selection.

“Renoir” confronts August Renoir, the painter, with Jean Renoir, not yet filmmaker and recently returned from war, and a young woman model, Andree Hessling, who becomes an actress and weds Jean.

This year marks director Aida Begic’s second visit to Cannes; she already came to present “Snow” during Critics’ Week in 2008. “Djeca,” which is premised around a girl and her mother’s collective histories, describes the (re) construction effort in today’s Sarajevo.

Candida Brady’s “Trashed,” which is being billed as an eco-documentary, will be shown in the Special Screening section of the festival. This film was inspired by an idea by Jeremy Irons; the Brit actor will be on hand to promote his film.

Two other films were added to the Midnight Screenings portion of the festival’s program. “The Sapphires,” a first film by Wayne Blair, which is also a first picture to be entirely shot, produced and acted in by aborigenes.

“Maniac” by Alexandre Aja and Franck Khalfoun (a French-American production) tops the list.

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