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Ben Steinbauer and Jack Rebney

The most famous man you've never heard of

TV blooper reels are getting to be as routine a commodity as TV news itself. You've seen them all over YouTube: clips of well-groomed, airbrushed anchors and other media professionals sluffing lines, missing cues, losing their over-rehearsed cool on air, all while some abused and vengeful crew member keeps the cameras rolling. But somehow, it remains a perverse pleasure to gain access to these ... more >

The Virginity Hit

A little history never killed anyone--or did it?
Matt Bennett, Nicole Weaver and Zack Pearlman
Directed by Huck Botko

The Internet was born out of the Cuban missile crisis. Military planners were confronted with the question of how to maintain command and control during a nuclear war. A decentralized method of electronic communication was proposed, leading to a communications system that could transport information long distances almost instantaneously. All of that danger. All of that ingenuity. All of that ... more >

The last exorcism

Believe in him
Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell and Iris Bahr
Directed by Huck Botko

As a die-hard fan of the original “Exorcist” (1973), I’m always mystified when another remake appears on the scene. It’s like trying to redo “Citizen Kane,” the first iteration was monumental, and any attempts to live up to it are predestined for failure. But don’t take my word for it, go and see “The Last Exorcism,” the second feature from German director Daniel Stamm (“A Necessary Death”). ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD - September 8, 201020th Century Fox has acquired rights to "Letter to Elia," Marty Scorcese's documentary chronicling the life of Elia Kazan. Here is what Marty said (quote courtesy of Thompson on Hollywood): “... took many years. I asked my old friend and collaborator Kent Jones to work with me, and we spent quite a long time looking at the films, talking about them, looking at ... more >


By RUBY BOUKABOU - September 6, 2010So Sofia Coppola, not known as a woman of many words in press interviews, was calm but friendly and nice. Elle Fanning, who plays the daughter, was chirpy and Stephen Dorff—he has a boyish but rigged Sam-Worthington quality in the film--was wonderful, eloquent and enthusiastic. The whole press setup in an Italian villa with perky publicists and interviews was ... more >

Going the distance

A comedy about meeting each other halfway
Drew Barrymore, Justin Long and Jason Sudeikis
Directed by Nanette Burstein

Jennifer Aniston has prevented me from saying this, but, I just saw a delightfully funny and endearing romantic comedy. Drew Barrymore is Erin, a New York newspaper intern who meets Garrett (Justin Long), a record label employee. The two hit it off, spend six great weeks together, then the end of Erin’s internship sends her back to San Francisco. Rather than break up, they keep the ... more >


By SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN - September 3, 2010As today Middle East peace talks (does one dare still call it that?) start once more in Washington, no doubt to quickly get mired in the usual sands of recrimination and rigidity of all participants, one could do worse than watch the sober and remarkably thrilling 2009 “Endgame” by Pete Travis about the secret negotiations that led to the release of Nelson ... more >