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By ALI NADERZAD – August 31, 2010

Comments that readers append to wire reports are getting more attention-grabbing; sometimes they come pouring in, like a torrent of well-meaning utterances on the wisdom of this or that. Try going to the HuffPost to read readers’ answers to the article about the Depardieu–Binoche Ultimate Fighting Championship and you’ll see what I mean.

This morning I was glancing at the headlines (I subscribe to nearly forty different news sources, thinking of trimming down in time for Fall) and noticed the Deadline story about James L. Brooks making a–sort of–comeback just in time for Christmas (what judicious timing!). He’s directed “How do you know,” starring Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon. It looks really funny, if you want to check out the trailer. Then, my eyes shifted to the comments section. One fellow was berating Brooks for bringing another rom-com into the world and dared saying that Reese Witherspoon should not do comedy. Here’s what a Laura Reynolds posted in response:

“ … Reese Witherspoon in comedy? I’m there and it feels like it’s been too long and she looks great. Paul Rudd with the actual comedic material he deserves? About time. Owen Wilson playing himself? Good idea. Jack Nicholson and Jim Brooks? Where’s the flaw? With Brooks it will be smart, sharp, perceptive because he knows how to not resort to Apatow dick/pot jokes to try to get a laugh. It looks like he’s hitting the sweet spot of adolescent adults grappling. And I personally love how the trailer starts. A sensitive rom-com from a guy’s perspective that isn’t just a slacker’s apologia.I sincerely hope the movie sparkles as much as the trailer. Meaning I hope it avoids the one serious and persistent Brooks problem : Going on too long.”

O.K. Mr. Movie Producer, you can come out now, we know you’re hiding in there. In all seriousness, though. If you’ve got a few extra seconds, read up on readers comments, and respond in kind, here and on the wires. It makes the daily news debate punchier (and you might get quoted on Screen Comment).

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