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By ALI NADERZAD – July 5, 2010

The poster for the final two Harry Potter movies has been released and online fan sites are stirring up all manners of controversy. The bill is dark, gothic and ominous (read: depressing), shows Hogwart castle in a state and says “HP7” on it. Why the abbreviation? Is it saying, everyone knows? Or, since HP does a lot of mega-sized printing for the entertainment industry maybe this is clever product placement for the Palo Alto, Calif. company. Either way, Harry Potter’s diptych sendoff will be spread over 2010 and 2011–all eyes on the B.O to see who will do better between “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” parts I and II, and “Twilight.” Even though the Harry Potter movies have been called “the franchise of a generation” my money’s on “Twilight,” judging by the last two Potters’ opening weekend takehome decrease compared to previous ones. Yes, “Twilight” will have the upper hand. Give or take a few mill.