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An adventure for adults and kids alike
Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and Jordan Nagai
Directed by Pete Docter

While watching the latest Pixar animated feature Up, it doesn’t take long to embark on one of the sweetest montage sequences you’ll ever see. In a matter of a few animated minutes, we watch Charles Frederickson age from a young boy through the entire thick-and-thin span of a marriage. It’s sweet, and it’s bittersweet, and it is full of the small, gentle things. Then he is an old man. It’s a ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL | Closing ceremony

Details about another festival come and gone

The closing ceremony which I attended in person went pretty much as expected (the winners are posted at right) with Michael Haneke winning top honors for his film Das Weisse Band, a much deserved accolade. This year I got the top three most important prizes right (a much better record than last year). The best speech of the night definitely goes Christoph Waltz, although probably a little too ... more >

Cannes ’09-Last Day

Predictions for a winner?

I'm sitting in the press room to quickly put together my predictions for a winner. Last night attended the Un Certain Regard award ceremony, in which Bahman Ghobadi won a prize for his film Noone knows about the Persian cats. He thanked certain people per protocol and went on to say that this prize gives him the courage to make another film and bring it to Cannes again next year; Festival director ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL | Gaspar Noé gets booed then, standing ovation

"Enter the void" requires more of you than your average movie

Two hours and a half. That's how long Enter the Void, the new film by Gaspar Noe, lasts. The world premiere for Noe's film took place in a packed Lumiere theatre, and I get the feeling that people applauded themselves for managing to hang on until the end of the film. Noe's approach was a lot more clear in his previous films; he created a universe and invited us in. "Enter the Void" is a ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD On Thursday I climbed into the small press bus provided by the Festival and went to Cap D'Antibes, about thirty minutes away from Cannes on the Coast, to attend AMFAR's Cinema Against AIDS gala. The Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is gorgeous. There I ran into my colleague Carol Guerrero from Colombian radio (she's based in Paris). The red carpet arrivals started soon after that with Paolo ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD Some said that Michael Haneke's Das Weisse Band should win the palme, but after having seen it I have to probably disagree. But the film is grand, however. I will write more about it a little later. Tonight I will be seeing Heitor Dahlia's Deria with Vincent Cassel. For now, it's mid-afternoon and I have to go home to change into blacktie and get on the press bus, direction Hotel ... more >

Terminator: Salvation[PG-13]

(by Kevin Bowen) Grade: D Cast: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Helena Bonham Carter Director: McG It's a shame when a movie series hits the point where only this question is left. Terminator: Salvation is the equivalent of which Planet of the Apes? No, I'm seriously asking. I really don't have my Planet of the Apes straight. But T:S would be the one ... more >