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(BY ALI NADERZAD) With less than a month to go the Cannes festival’s 2008 logo was unveiled this week. It uses a photograph taken by an American filmmaker which was adapted by a French poster artist. During a recent blind taste-test, participants correctly guessed the photo was snapped by David Lynch, our modern Fellini. But who is the woman whose eyes are hidden? She has the femme-fatale beauty of Blondie’s Deborah Harry. Is it you, Debbie? She acts the part of the ingenue tacitly. We’re all in the know but play along because what comes next will be anything but dreary. The blurry photo ushers melancoly but the electric-red lipstick tug at our sense of excitement. What could she be watching? Maybe it’s that scene in Mulholland Drive where Naomi Watts and Laura Harring go to an old theatre in Hollywood and the conductor on stage bellows no hay banda! Is that a slight shudder in her hand as she watches Romain Duris labor through a piano lesson in The Beat That My Heart Skipped? This enigma might never be exposed but the 61st Cannes Festival will. Starting May 14th visit SCREEN COMMENT for daily updates and interviews.

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