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Tribeca 08 – Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg

One of the highlights at this year's festival

Ever been to Winnipeg? I haven't. And you still may not want to go after watching Guy Maddin's personal visual essay on the city he grew up in. But, so far at this year's Tribeca My Winnipeg is by far the most original. Darcy Fehr plays a young Guy Maddin as he pulls out of a snowy Winnipeg, his childhood hometown, on the nighttime train. For that seems to be the director's great urge: ... more >


(BY ALI NADERZAD) With less than a month to go the Cannes festival's 2008 logo was unveiled this week. It uses a photograph taken by an American filmmaker which was adapted by a French poster artist. During a recent blind taste-test, participants correctly guessed the photo was snapped by David Lynch, our modern Fellini. But who is the woman whose eyes are hidden? She has the femme-fatale beauty ... more >

Baby Mama

Would you put your this basket?
Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Greg Kinnear
Directed by Michael McCullers

It came to light recently that America might be jumping into a new baby boom. Birth rates reached their highest point since the early sixties. One only needs to tool around places like Mall of America– where the wise pedestrian takes out a stroller collision policy – to see the new America emerging from the womb. Hollywood, with the greatest demographers that wooden Keanu Reeves performances ... more >

The Easy Way

Meet the greatest robber of them all
Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche and Alice Taglioni
Directed by Jean-Paul Rouve

That, according to himself, would be Albert Spaggiari, small-time crook and wedding photographer who, in 1976, organized a daring heist when he and fellow gangsters broke into the bank vault of the Société Générale Bank in Nice, opening 400 safe deposit boxes over a long weekend and getting their hands on some fifty million francs’ worth. Arrested some time later and brought before the judge, ... more >


Young @ Heart [PG-13] Grade: B- It’s almost irresistible. A group of twenty or so senior citizens perform songs by James Brown, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, and The Clash at the average age of eighty. That’s what’s made the Young@Heart chorus a hit in its native Northampton Mass., as well as on tours across the world. And that’s what makes it a perfect subject for director Stephen Walker‘s ... more >

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie reminds me of that famous Steve Buscemi line from the opening of Reservoir Dogs. “Dick-dick, dick-dick, dick-dick, dick!” A cavalcade of uninspired penis jokes--going so far as to scorch our retinas with the sight of star Jason Segel’s. Forgetting Sarah Marshall also represents a dubious landmark in the history of the Judd Apatow Comedy Factory. It’s the moment when the ... more >


(BY ALI NADERZAD) The first week of pre-festival screenings, when a sampling from this year's selection is shown to the press, began on a bittersweet note with Kassim The Dream, a doc about a Liberian child-soldier turned boxing champion. Director Kief Davidson, who previously shot The Devil's Miner, about children miners in South America, is clearly the genre's virtuoso. His subjects have control ... more >