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Send a Bullet

examining class warfare in Brazil
Directed by Jason Kohn

Manda Bala, a penetrating new documentary by Jason Kohn about Brazil's recent slew of kidnappings and the intricate net of contradictions animating Brazilian society is a tortured study in tightrope walking. The story is similar everywhere in South and Central America: kids from rich families are plucked from standing traffic at gunpoint and soon a ransom is demanded. Sometimes, an earlobe will ... more >

Fat Girls

Gaga's little monsters have their own movie
Ash Christian, Jonathan Caouette and Evan Miller
Directed by Ash Christian

What's the life of a gay teenager from the Midwest like and why should you care? Fat Girls isn’t about heavyset munchkins hobbling about Wal-Marts. It’s more zen-like, a yardstick by which your claim to existence among the cool clique is measured. Films centered around lifestyle choices can quickly turn to yawn-inducing half-truths but writer-director Ash Christian uses the ‘fat girls’ tenet to ... more >


(BY HAL CROWTHER) Nashville, by any reckoning one of the landmark achievements in American film, has been described as Robert Altman's "birthday card" to America on the two hundredth anniversary of our Revolution. As celebratory gifts go, Nashville was an exploding cigar. Viewing the film thirty years later, a younger audience might need to be reminded that it was made during the Watergate scandal ... more >


(BY ALI NADERZAD) SONY CLASSICS will release Man From Plains, Jonathan Demme's new doc about Jimmy Carter's U.S. tour to promote his new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." It's an intriguing project for several reasons: firstly, because of its subject. Jimmy Carter was known as our foreign affairs president, brokering deals with heads of state and helping extinguish conflicts abroad--the ... more >


(BY ALI NADERZAD) Posters, banners and ads everywhere beckon: the 11th hour is here. The documentary on the state of our planet has finally gotten its wide release after screenings took place in Cannes this past May. But can Leonardo DiCaprio, who co-directed 11th hour with Leila Conners-Petersen and Nadia Conners, be trusted to be a genuine spokesperson of the green movement? I say yes, yes and ... more >


(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) Europa Cinemas will return once again to this year's Venice Film Festival, awarding its Label prize to the best European film in the Giornate degli Autori/Venice Days section (August 30 to September 8). This marks the fourth year that the Europa Cinemas Label will be awarded at Venice, and complements the Labels awarded at the Panorama section in Berlin, The Quinzaine ... more >

Star Trek on Schedule for 2008

Star Trek is looming upon us, again. Slated for release in 2008 and directed by J.J. Abrams (Mission Impossible III), it promises more dazzling special effects, mind-boggling CGI effects and Leonard Nimoy in a supporting role! Cast and crew were in high spirits during a press conference held at Comic Con (an annual comic books and popular entertainment expo held last month in San Diego, California ... more >