When a scream from violence falls completely silent
Grigoriy Fesenko, Yana Novikova and Rosa Babiy
Directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky

In THE TRIBE we're propelled head-first in a boarding school for young deaf and mute people, the tribe of the title, in which violence, trafficking and prostitution are commonplace. For the over two hours of the film's length there's not a single line of dialogue or caption, just the power of cinema to induce raw emotion through ruthless framing shots that spare us nothing and zeroes in on actors ... more >


Talking Iranian cinema with Les Cahiers’s former editor Jean-Michel Frodon

Frodon currently teaches at Sciences Po in Paris

Ever since his first outing there in the nineties Jean-Michel Frodon, one of France’s most distinguished film specialists, traveled four more times to Iran, the country whose filmmakers gave us festival favorites like GABBEH, A TASTE OF CHERRY and CLOSE-UP. As your not-so-average tourist, at times, and as officially-summoned authority on cinema, at others, Frodon soaked up the lore and took in the ... more >



There are years when everyone knows which film will win. 2015 was not one of them, although there was some consensus among the major press that CAROL and MIA MADRE were the strongest films, cinematographically and stylistically and the Hou Hsiao-Hsien-directed THE ASSASSIN, the rare film this year by a filmmaker who's completely in control of his art, would not go home empty-handed. We expected ... more >


CANNES gets some LOVE

LOVE premiered on Wednesday night at Midnight

CANNES, France - The Croisette has been awash in semen since the midnight premiere screening of the new Gaspar Noé film LOVE. The director of ENTER THE VOID and I STAND ALONE said during a sparsely-attended press conference today that he submitted the film to fest a week after the April selection announcement. That this was going to be in 3D was a mystery, even to the filmmaker. Vincent Maraval ... more >



Kouros Alaghband is a California-based filmmaker whose short film WIGLUM (15 ‘) is being screened at this year’s Cannes Festival as part of the Short Film Corner showcase. WIGLUM, a surreal parable on our jaded vision of what life may be told from the point of view an office worker on a coffee binge. Film was lensed by cinematographer Alex Vendler (THE WOMAN) and stars the actor Barry del Sherman ... more >


RONIT IN HER OWN WORDS | Israel’s best-known actress describes her first experiences in Cannes

In a recent interview that she gave to French magazine Télérama (France's answer to TV Guide, but on steroids) Roni Elkabetz recalled her earliest memories of the Cannes Festival: "The first time [I went to the Cannes Festival] was in 1997. It was a very strange experience. I had decided to leave Israel to live my life as an actress in France. I don't even speak the language, so it was a kind ... more >


#CANNES2015, an aerial drone’s view

What's hot, potentially controversial and who's going to be there

The 68th Cannes Film Festival will open next Wednesday under the jury presidency of a pair of brothers from Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. The Coen Brothers aren't strangers to Cannes since most, if not all, of their films have been shown here over the years. The brothers will be in good company: A-listers, stars and outstanding actors and actresses and filmmakers--the likes of Cate Blanchett, ... more >