The (sort of) truth behind the two versions of Abel Ferrara’s “Welcome to New York”

Includes conversations with Abel Ferrara and Vincent Maraval [Wild Bunch]
Film will come out in one theater only in San Francisco

Today, after a six month-press war launched by filmmaker Abel Ferrara against his chief financier, Vincent Maraval (French distributor Wild Bunch's head honcho) and IFC Films, the R-rated cut of Ferrara’s originally unrated “Welcome to New York” is opening theatrically—to Ferrara’s chagrin—in the US. It is, however, only showing at one theater: The Roxie, in San Francisco. Elsewhere in this ... more >


OH CHARLOTTE, WHY? French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg attached to “Independence Day 2″

Gainsbourg has been married to French film producer Yvan Attal since 1991
Her parents are Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

June 1996 -  “Independence Day” slain the monster, bringing in more than $ 300 million in sales. Its director, Roland Emmerich, has planned a sequel, called "ID2," and pre-production is to begin in the next few weeks. But that’s not really all that exciting anymore. What’s interesting, and rather weird, is the fact that French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg will have a leading role in “ID2.” Yes, ... more >


French court rules against Abdellatif Kechiche, orders “Adele” filmmaker to pay back distributor MK2

Abdellatif Kechiche is a French-Tunisian filmmaker
Marin Karmitz is a film distributor, producer and operator of a chain of movie theaters

(PARIS) Here’s guessing you’re not going to see French cinéaste Abdellatif Kechiche and producer/distributor Marin Karmitz enjoying onion soup together at Le Sélect anytime soon. A court in France ruled that Palme D’Or recipient Kechiche (“Blue is the warmest color,” a.k.a. “La vie D’Adèle” in the original French title) did not fulfill the terms of the contract that bound him to MK2, the ... more >


In one hundred films, BRAZILIAN CINEMA highlighted at French cinémathèque

Films by Glauber Rocha and Esmir Filho to be on offer

Brazilian filmmakers sometimes cast a punishing gaze toward the social ills of their country. It's a feat of uninhibited self-examination that can make the viewer unsettled but also subdued by the beauty and mystery of this country, the directness of the image and the stirring tales of woes encountered by the characters who populate them. Starting tomorrow and running through to May 18th the ... more >


OPINION: Does IMDB suffer from lazyitis?

"IMDB" is one of the top five hundred visited sites
It was ranked 27th by Alexa

IMDB’s External reviews page is conceivably the most complete index of film reviews in the history of computer-literate mankind. It's almost the most neglected one. Anyone who's needed to look up information about a film knows that External Reviews is it, a high-affluence destination where film critics post their point of view about any given film. But I'm guessing that more than a few people ... more >



(November 26, 1926 – March 5, 2015)

Albert Maysles, who was one of the first documentary filmmakers to use hand-held cameras to spontaneously record the lives of both the famous and the unknown, has died. He was 88. In a statement, Maysles' family said the director passed away after a brief battle with cancer at his New York home Thursday night. Follow Screen Comment on Twitter during the Cannes Festival (May 13-24). Watch our ... more >


Time-tested franchises are making a comeback

The seventies, eighties and nineties are back

The eighties, what an awesome decade. M.J. was the king of pop, "Egyptian lover" was rocking the airwaves and Bill Cosby was everyone’s favorite grand-daddy. What a difference thirty years makes. A wave of something is sweeping through the film industry and a glut of sequels inspired by the seventies’, eighties’ and nineties’ most famous franchises is looming large. Is it nostalgia or a lack ... more >