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New biopic about French designer on offer
[Mandarin; Europacorp]
Twitter: @screencomment #SCannes2014

YSL is mega-hot. This year not one but two different biopics about the French designer are competing for the public’s attention. After Jalil Lespert’s “Yves Saint Laurent” [Weinstein] which is due out in June a new film will be shown at this year’s Cannes Festival called, simply, “Saint Laurent" (no U.S. date of release has been set as of this writing]. For this new biopic Bertrand ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL – The selection in pictures

Fest takes place May 14-25
Follow us on Twitter and lock #SCannes2014

This year's selection in Cannes, while not being particularly exceptional in terms of big-name wattage, could lead to some interesting results. For example, this marks Xavier Dolan's first year bringing a film to the competition series (he's been at Cannes before, but was never in line to compete for the Palme D'Or). A win for Dolan would validate years of efforts and progress. This year also ... more >



Poster lists names from best-known filmmakers this year

Screen Comment has an official poster for Cannes (and we will be doing this every year). We chose the better-known filmmakers out of this year's competition program and created a lightstream that carries the names from bottom to top. The names are in no particular order, except that Americans were given priority at the top (but this is all open to interpretation).       ... more >


Revisiting ANNIE HALL

'The Marshall McLuhan scene'

Here is one of the best (and most discomfiting) scenes from "Annie Hall" (1977) in which the funny conversation isn't the one taking place between the two protagonists Alvy Singer and Annie Hall but rather the one that's overheard between some holier-than-thou faux-cinephile who spends the whole scene shooting down Fellini and his companion. Alvy and Annie are standing in line to go watch "The ... more >


Map to the Stars trailer RELEASED

This is Robert Pattinson's second time being cast in a David Cronenberg movie
In competition

It’s been about two years now since Robert Pattinson slipped his fangs back in and ended his career as a gentleman-vampire. Two years, therefore, since we haven’t heard about him on the cover of magazines, leaving the popular press with a 90% space shortfall to fill with other things between 2008 and 2012. Fans (and they are legion) who’ve been mourning him are now breathing a collective ... more >


CANNES 2014 – Start your engines

Selection to be announced this morning
Lock #SCannes2014 on Twitter

In about an hour I’ll be getting ready to get over to the Champs Elysées cineplex where the Cannes Festival's Thierry Frémaux and Gilles Jacob will be holding their press conference. Just a few last minute thoughts about the would-be selection; it appears that the French will make a strong showing this year (Screen Comment is based in Paris, can't hardly start an article without mentioning ... more >


The look in Cannes this year

Fest unveils 2014 poster

French designer Hervé Chigioni and collaborator Gilles Frappier based this year's poster design on a photograph taken from Federico Fellini’s "8½," which was presented in the Official Selection in 1963. According to the festival's press release, "in Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini, we celebrate a cinema that is free and open to the world, acknowledging once again the artistic ... more >